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It's Got to Be a CFP

In 1972 the College for Financial Planning enrolled its first 35 students studying to become Certified Financial Planners (CFP).  These industry pioneers understood that societal changes, including the decline in traditional pension plans were shifting the burden of lifelong financial security onto the shoulders of individual Americans who would require unbiased wholistic planning to ensure their financial success.

Today, changes such as a more transient workforce, increased longevity, and dramatically higher costs for education, health care and housing, have increased the demand for objective financial advice.

The CFP® designation continues to be the gold standard designation for financial advisors. It shows that the practitioner has completed the required education, passed a standardized examination, has experience working in the industry, and most importantly has agreed to adhere to a code of ethics including a fiduciary standard of care.

On April 18, 2024, the CFP Board announced that there are now 100,000 CFP® Professionals practicing in the United States. Matt and I are proud to be CFP® Practitioners. We are proud of the work that the CFP Board has done to advance the quality of services which the industry provides and to protect and educate the public whom we serve.

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